vendredi 6 mars 2009

Vaclav Klaus: un peu de bon sens sur la crise économique.

Toujours aussi impressionnant à entendre pour un politicien, voici certains extraits d'une texte de Vaclav Klaus.
Son analyse de l'origine de la crise économique n'est pas une nouveauté, c'est la même que l'école Autrichienne mais pour un politicien, c'est du jamais vu !

Ce qui est intéressant est son analyse du contexte de cette crise.

Voici le texte original ( bonne chance... ):  Trochu rozumu do dnešní krize
Voici un traduction, gracieuseté de Luboš Motl: Some common sense for the current crisis

The crisis was ignited by a combination of the U.S. authorities' extraordinarily irresponsible stimulation of the purchases of apartments and houses that were financed by almost unpayable mortgages - as some economists have been warning for a long time and as we could manifestly see in recent reality - and anexcessively pro-growth monetary policy of the Fed. A more long-term reason for the crisis was their addictive "living out of debt" because the U.S. economy has been consuming more than it was producing for whole decades. All other phenomena, which are frequently discussed these days, were just consequences of these two factors and they are just parts of the transmission mechanism of the crisis, i.e. aspects of its transfer to additional sectors of the economy.
I would say that it is the first real crisis
→ in the era of a massive prevalence of the Internet and online-information
→ in the era when the irrationality of communism and the nonsensical nature of central planning and controlling of the economy have been forgotten
→ in the era when the ideas and principles underlying politics have been completely depleted and when the politicians are manipulating the voters more extremely than ever before; they use media whose basic approach and technological capabilities differ from the past
→ in the era of an overregulated world, when exactly this inevitably imperfect regulation directly encourages the people to circumvent it
→ in the era of an extreme shift of the wealthy nations towards a welfare state (that leads to an extensive immunization of the life of a human away from his or her own contribution to the prosperity of the society), and of an extreme amplification of the so-called demonstration effect in the third world (which consequently leads to these countries' very unnatural and non-uniform development)
→ in the era when two things are unfortunately happening simultaneously: prosperity is becoming addictive; but people are weaning away from the throughput that is needed to create such a prosperity
→ in the era of internationalization when the role of the nation states is being weakened, which inevitably brings a radical deterioration of democracy and a transition towards post-democracy
→ in the era of secularization which occurs simultaneously with people's escape to superstitions and quasi-religious movements
→ in the era of an irresponsible seduction and fear mongering about imaginary threats of global warming, bird flu, mad cow disease, mysterious end of the millenium, ozone holes, acid rains, etc.
Our era is the very first one when politics is being played almost completely for the sake of itself and when it is almost completely detached from the interests of the people. This fact leads the politicians to a very specific type of behavior that is most faithfully exhibited by the international summits that are being summoned on a daily basis - and by the "competition" which politician will be able to pump more money into the economy (not his own money). These "crucial" but merely demonstrative meetings of the politicians only serve to amplify the confusion, distrust, and panic.
 I am convinced that the right way to solve the current problems is not to flood the economy with money (which will have to be paid back by our children and grandchildren for long decades). This so-called Keynesian policy has never worked, because of many well-known reasons.

Merci M. Klaus pour être le dernier roseau qui se tient encore debout dans cette tempête d'idiocie politique mondiale.

Et merci à M. Motl pour le role d'informateur que vous jouez :)


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