mardi 14 octobre 2008

Froid, chaud ou simplement des variations climatiques ?

Puisque quand il fait plus chaud que la moyenne c'est le réchauffement climatique, on ne peut que conclure que quand il fait plus froid que la moyenne, c'est le refroidissement climatique.
... Ou est-ce le froid du réchauffement ? Ou bien un dérèglement climatique dû au réchauffement climatique qui cause du froid climatique ?
Quoi que ce soit... il fait froid dans l'ouest du continent.

Et toujours, le réchauffement climatique bat son plein en Antarctique comme le démontre la météo pour la semaine: -70C la nuit, net recul sur les dernieres semaines !

This is the earliest measurable snowfall in Boise since recordkeeping began in 1898.

Temperatures dipped to a low of 20 degrees on Monday morning.
Cody got 7.5 inches of snow over the weekend, while Lovell got 4.1 inches.
The storm dumped 2 feet of snow in some areas around Thermopolis, with the largest report of 25.3 inches.
“That was the record October snowfall for a storm, and the seventh-greatest total of all time,”

Fall made its presence known in Las Vegas this weekend with back-to-back temperature records and with temperature drops not seen in 30 years.
High temperatures dropped to 60 and 62 degrees on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, which were record low-highs for the dates...
In Reno, temperatures hit a high of only 39 degrees Friday, shattering a low-high record set in the 1920s.

The mercury dipped to 38 degrees Monday morning at Tucson International Airport - 5 degrees colder than the Oct. 13, 1931, record it toppled.
The daytime high temperature - 71 degrees - was an all-time low temperature for Oct. 13 as well. The previous record - 73 degrees - was set in 1957
Record lows were also set in Sierra Vista (34, previous record 38), Safford Ag Station (29, previously 33) and Fort Thomas (28, previously 34).

Chill-out, la combustion du monde n'est toujours pas pour cette semaine.

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